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eCam Solution Co., LTD

Our company was established on 1st August 2014 as a local Cambodian registered company. The company started with 4 talented individual who have had experiences in System Integration Business. Throughout the years, our company has grown expeditiously along with the growing market in IT industry in Cambodia. We are specialized in providing Information System Consultancy, Project Management and Integration for major corporate clients in both public and private sectors. Our Consulting Team consist of International Consultants and Local IT Specialists working in a “Best-Team” approach to meet the expectation of our clients based on their unique business needs.

Our Vision & Mission


  • Our mission is to be a trusted System Integration Company from our both customer and partner. We aim to expand and enhance our business capacity with our trusted partner and sustain the balance between professional life and personal life.
Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to consistently deliver quality solutions and services to our customer, partner, and community. Fulfilling our agreements and promises to achieve the objective and deliver beyond expectation.
Our Vision & Mission

Core Value

We are not just a go-between to add more cost for our customer. Our Core Value lie in the relationship between our customer and partner. We add value to both our customer and partner by alleviating any complication by providing the best local facilitation and support. We protect and prevent against any risk that may occur and will swiftly eliminate to continue the flow of business for our both customer and partner.